Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Back to the Reality of Winter in Southern Ontario

Hello everyone, I have returned!  I landed late last evening after attending a wonderful 4 days in the beautiful city of Vancouver.  Magically I managed to experience 4 straight days of near 10 degree weather without any rain; which I was told by locals was somewhat of a record for this time of year.....

Before I get too deep into talking about the Canadian and International Turf Conference, I just wanted to make a few comments about this blog.  When I launched this blog to the public a little more than a month ago, I never thought of how successful it may be. Well, with just under 1000 unique visitors, from five different countries, I am blown away with the success of this the off-season no less!  Needless to say, both myself, and my staff will continue to use this media as our major means of communication between us.  Thank you for taking an interest in the Turf Department at Sawmill Creek!

Now back to this Southern Ontario winter of 2010/2011.  I think if someone could accurately sum it up in one word, that word may be something like awful, or  terrible, or maybe some other four-letter words could be used in there.....

This constant threat of snow, or ice, or anything that isn't 10 degrees and sunny is just downright annoying at this point.  Last season we had an opening day of April 2nd, and as of right now, I cannot foresee this happening at all.  There is a lot of drying and warmth to take place prior to this, and our 14 day forecast does not look too encouraging.  I wouldn't want to speculate a date at this point, as it is simply much too hard for the time being, and we wouldn't want to tease ourselves just quite yet!  I will keep you up to date as we can start to foresee a more concrete date.

Now that I have returned from Vancouver, and can digest the enormous amount of information which was taken in, I can look back and realize just how good of a week it truly was.  I had the chance to interact with fellow Superintendents from across the country, as well as turf researchers and educators from right around the world.  It is an incredible opportunity to talk to your fellow comrades to learn about their successes, their failures, and the lessons learned in the process.  Although we may be thousands of miles apart, we all share the game goals and desires to produce a playable and aesthetically pleasing golf course.

I had the chance to attend some great seminars from some of my favourite speakers from the likes of Cornell University, Michigan State, and the University of Wisconsin to name a few.  There was some very interesting information presented, some of which is almost controversial in our industry.  However, we are certainly in the time of having to find ways to be more efficient, and to act more environmentally responsible.  It was nice to hear some new and refreshing information about the world of turf management.

There were a couple of main topics which I would really like to talk about with a little more detail.  So like any good reality TV show, you'll have to tune into tomorrow to find out what happened!

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Both Bryan and myself are no back at the shop every day getting ready for that magical day when we open to golf course, so feel free to stop by and see how things are going.


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  1. Mother Nature will come through with a little magic, I still have Fiday April 1st marked down for a tee time.