Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Man Taken Way Too Early

Good morning everyone,

I would like to take a brief moment this morning in honour of one of the biggest supporters that I have had in my time here at Sawmill Creek; David Muller.

It was brought to my attention earlier this week, that David had passed away.  As a father of two young children myself, this has struck a chord with me, and I want to express my deepest and sincere condolences with his family.

In my time here at Sawmill, David has been one of my biggest supporters.  I could always count on a weekly email, or hand shake out on the course from David, offering nothing but words of encouragement, support, or appreciation.  In fact, over the past few months I have seen him start both a blogger account and a twitter account, simply to follow the happenings of the Turf Department. 

David leaves behind his wife Kelly, and two young children.  From all of us in the Turf Department, our thoughts and prayers are with you.


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