Thursday, March 24, 2011

This throws a wrench in the plans

Its amazing how the weather this winter continues to linger on.....

Monday and Tuesday of this week, Bryan and I spent considerable time cleaning up some of the destruction of winter in the garden beds around the Clubhouse and community, only to be followed by more than 10 cm of wet heavy snow yesterday.....I apologize to you all; it may be our fault......we took the plow off of the truck on Monday........

This certainly will not help our goal of being open by Master's weekend.  The forecast for the next 5 days is awful, with a windchill low forecasted of -19 degrees tonight.  I expect the snow to now stay on the ground through the weekend, and into early next week.  This will keep the course very wet for at least the next 10 days, and will keep all of our equipment safely nestled in the shop.  This is a far cry from the quick opening we had last season, in which we opened full steam ahead having cut all turf areas at least once, and even allowing cart traffic on opening day.  At this point, even if we are to open in the next 14 days, I can't see allowing cart traffic, or even having performed any mowing of any sort.

Seeing how we can't golf this weekend, I had thoughts of taking my clubs up to Wiarton this weekend, to visit a certain rodent.....the bus leaves the parking lot at 8am Saturday......

In the meantime, while we wait for this latest dumping of snow to disappear, we are giving our tee blocks a coat of paint to ensure they are fresh and ready to go.  This is one of those tasks that gets put on the 'to-do" list and if there is time, we get to it.  We are fortunate to have tee blocks with the quality that we do, and they in fact do not need re-painting every season.  However, the paint can tend to fad on the granite over the course of a season, and we now have the time to attend to this.

The benefit for us with this latest set back, is also ensuring we have all training materials and systems in place, prior to the arrival of our seasonal staff.  Every year, we spend considerable time with each and every employee training them on the systems we have in place for efficient operation, and of course the safety and well-being of both themselves and the general public.  We are fortunate to have the majority of our crew returning this spring, but there are always new laws and regulations which much be implemented.

I know everybody is eager to get out on the course as are we.  It has been a long, long winter, and I am just as excited to get out from within these white walls.  I am also concerned about the safety of my neighbours from enthusiastic members, who follow me down the street inquiring about opening day, while nearly having a car rear-end them.......yes Ron, I'm talking about you! :)


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