Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lessons Learned

So as I enter my fourth year at Sawmill, it appears as though I am finally starting to learn a couple of very important lessons.....

The first lesson learned, is that it does not matter what day you open the golf course, whether it be the end of March, or the middle of April, you are bound to see some very powerful wind storms roll through, and absolutely destroy the brand new flags you put out for the season.  This had happened the last two seasons, until that magical light bulb went on in my head, and I decided that this year, I'd win the battle of wits with Mother Nature.....I am happy to report our brand new flags are still nestled cozy in their box!

The second lesson is, no matter how cold, or how windy, or how much rain is falling, there is no question at all, that Paul Fitzgeorge will be out golfing that day.......

As you are all well aware, it seems as though that wind just will not die down.  I even boldly made the comment yesterday that the winds were down to a light breezy 20 km/h, only to have them shoot back up to over 50 km gusts once again...... I apologize to all of you who read this blog on a daily basis, and decide on whether or not to play golf that day; yesterday, I lied!  Of course that did not stop a few of you, who seized the opportunity to play while the wind was at least under 50 km/h for a few hours!

Despite the frigid winds, the 3 other members of the Turf Crew had a very productive week.  There are certainly a couple of fine gentlemen who have some very sore backs this weekend, as they completed a considerable amount of raking this week.  All of the Residences of Sawmill Creek had their turf raked, the golf course was cleaned up of debris from overflowing ponds and creeks, and of course from the handful of trees on the course which litter our grounds once a year!  I can tell you that Bryan certainly made use of the wonderful massage chair that Lisa has in the spa this week, and had nothing but great things to say about it!  In fact, thank you Lisa for loosening up Bryan's back so I could send him out to rake even more........

Some of the turf is indeed growing with the little bit of heat we have had over the past week.  Our fairways have sprung to life, and we have even had to start mowing some of the rough areas of the course.  Unfortunately, our Cato greens have gone back to sleep....I knew it was too good to be true!

You will begin to see the other few fine members of the turf crew trickle in over the next few weeks.  As we begin to see their smiling faces, we will begin to ramp up operations and start to settle into our operating season routines.  It sure is great to have the team back again!

Yesterday I had Bryan installing our irrigation face plates and power packs in anticipation of firing up the system in the next couple of weeks.  Have a look at the picture posted in the twitter feed as to what he found in the box at #6......I can tell you that is one of those times where I was glad to have delegated that duty!!  (Sorry Bryan :), I'm sure you'll get your payback sometime.....)

Well let's hope for some more warmth, and perhaps for that ceiling fan to turn down a notch or two in the next few days.  I am itching to get out and swing a few, and have some fun at next week's Season Opener!


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