Monday, April 11, 2011

Let the games begin

The 2011 golf season is now officially underway.  Dave Borody was the first to hit the first tee this morning, on what has become a windy, blustery day; or as our members know it, just another day at The Saw!

With last night's temperature hovering around 20 degrees, and a nice light rain, it is amazing how much the turf greened up overnight.  What is even more amazing, is how much growth has occurred on our greens over the last 48 hours!  These are those same greens which we perpetually complain about its slow response in the spring, and how they typically don't wake up until June.  Maybe they had had enough of winter too......

Cooler temperatures are on the way tonight, and we will return to more seasonal temperatures for the rest of the week.  If the rain holds off for the remainder of today, there should be no problem with allowing golf carts out onto the course for tomorrow.  Please keep in mind however that there will inevitably be some soft spots on the course, and to do your best to avoid these areas.  The biggest issue which comes to mind is all of the cart path extensions which were installed at the end of 2010.  These areas are still clay, and have yet to receive the reclaimed asphalt which is planned for them.  Please avoid these until we have finished applying the asphalt and they are firm enough to drive on.

Happy golfing!


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