Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Smorgasbord of Information about The Saw

It has been absolutely beautiful over the past week, and has been very productive at here we go.......

First and foremost, I want to send a big thank you out to Mr. Jeff Allen.  It appears as though Mr. Allen is on the shelf for the time being due to an injury which is hampering his incredible golfing abilities.  So like the dedicated and caring member that he is, Jeff spent the better part of the morning last week, with a utility vehicle filled with divot mix, filling divots on the 12th and 18th fairways.  These are the types of tasks that the Turf Crew cannot tend to on a regular basis, and the added help from Mr. Allen is greatly appreciated. 

There has been a disturbing trend over the past 5 days in which we have seen two very significant divots taken out of our putting surfaces.  The first one occurred on Wednesday, on the 11th green.  Disturbing considering that this occurred on Wednesday no-less.  And the second took place sometime yesterday, no more than 12 inches from the cup on #7.  Have a look at what I found this morning:

When you come across something such as this, please report it to the Pro Shop immediately.  Ideally, we can find the culprits who are responsible for such senseless destruction of your golf course and handle it appropriately.

A sure sign that summer is here, was the appearance of our #1 turf disease here at The Saw, and that is Dollar Spot.  I began noticing signs of it on the aprons earlier in the week, and by the end of the week, it was to the point where I decided to put it in check.  Fortunately we had the course wide open Friday morning, which gave us the opportunity to not only put down our first fungicide application, but to also fertilize and apply our first Plant Growth Regulator application as well.

To update the situation with the Super Ant issue that we have; the ants returned after a meagre 4 days of control.  Not only that, but they have returned with a vengeance, and have begun attacking us where it hurts; the irrigation system.  We seemingly have a major electrical issue in our satellite control box on the back of the range tee.  This satellite controls the range, the practice green and the 9th hole.  If you were one of the unfortunate person's practicing on the range or green Friday evening, I apologize as we mysteriously had several stations activate causing water to fly for no reason at all.  I have shut down the power to this satellite for the time being, as it appears as though there is some rodent and insect damage within the box which requires our attention.  I am a little worried that the Super Ant has allied with the Super Mouse and has attacked with no regard to our beautiful golf course at all.  For the time being, we may struggle with moisture levels on the 9th hole until we can rectify the situation; but make no bones about it; we are at war......

If you're still reading this blog after the last paragraph, it appears as though you need a vacation just as badly as I do right now.............

After over a month of struggling to get through the rough on the property with a simple 3 deck mower, we will see the arrival of our replacement unit tomorrow afternoon.  This should allow us to get around the property a lot quicker, enabling us to keep the rough happier, and not put it in the situation we have been where we are stunting growth by taking too much of the leaf surface off with each mowing.  Ideally, you never cut more than one-third of the plant with any mowing, and to not stress the plant any more than you already do Unfortunately, with the time it has been taking for us to get around the course, by the time we cut most areas we are generally taking more than half of the leaf surface off with each mowing.  This in-turn has caused the browning of our Bluegrass rough's.  We have fertilized, and anticipate rain over the next few days which should bring some nice colour back to the rough.

With the wet spring that we had, it was clear the farm field to the east of the 7th hole was constantly draining, causing issues at both the cart path on #2, as well as our "river bed" across the 7th fairway.  Clearly, there has been some reciprocal damage from the amount of water that had flowed through these lines, and its inability to clear the water from this bed.  Having said that, there's no other way to describe the right side of the 7th fairway at around the  200 yard mark as anything other than a mess.  I am working on a game plan to resolve this issue, and hopefully we can start to see some action in this area shortly.

As always, if you have any questions about the happenings on the golf course, or any comments about the novels I write here in this blog, please feel free to contact me at


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