Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The sun continues to shine

The up and down temperature swings continue, but the sun continues to shine!  I know it was the talk of the town last week, but what a change we had from Wednesday's high of 35 degrees C (before humidity), and then to see the north wind come in off of the lake and drop us down to a chilly 10 degrees on Thursday...... I don't think anyone was prepared for that at all!

As mentioned in my last update, the aerification process went really well, and I think the crew has somewhat recovered from a long couple of days.  We were able to yesterday get out and topdress once again, and have certainly filled the majority of the aerification holes and smoothed the putting surface.  All in all, I am calling our spring aerification a major success.

For several years, I have been talking about our putting green nemesis, the turfgrass Ant.  About 5 years ago, the PMRA (Pest Management Regulatory Agency) of Canada removed a product from our tool-belts which aided us in the control of ants.  Since this time, we have seen many products arrive on the market which are supposed to control ants.  However, this morning I arrived at the 6th green to see this......

Now as you can see by the giant "S" on the front of this guy's chest, we are seemingly dealing with some sort of Super Ant.  From the Turf Crew's best guess, the cape must act as some sort of shield from our insecticide applications, which allow this "Super Ant" to continue to thrive no matter what we throw at it.  Me personally, I think this "Super Ant" feeds off of the latest and greatest product, which allows it to grow stronger, faster, and be more destructive.  Either way, we need to find a solution, or at least come to some sort of agreement.  We will be out again tomorrow with something to try and control it, but my fear is that if this thing ingests our application tomorrow, and continues to grow stronger and evolve the way it has, this thing may start talking to us..........

In other turf related news......

The fescue has certainly jumped, and thickened up nicely.  However with that, the weeds are certainly growing fast as well.  We are in the process of controlling some of the weeds, and you will see Bryan out spot spraying over the next few days.

With the amount of water we have been forced to put down, we do have a couple of minor leaks to tend to.  With most of our labour over the past week being dedicated to the aerification process, tasks such as irrigation repairs are put on the back burner until we can properly allocate the labour to alleviate these issues.

And finally today, how good do our gardens look at the clubhouse!  Sarah has done an absolute incredible job this year so far at making our gardens the best that I have ever seen them.  When you see her, please do the same as the Residents of Sawmill Creek have been doing, and congratulate her on a job well done!

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at jamie.downton@sawmill-creek.com.

Enjoy the sun!


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