Friday, July 22, 2011

Battling Mother Nature

The Turf Crew has survived this week's heat wave, and as I write this should all be nestled up to a nice cool vent somewhere.  Well done guys, that was tough slugging!

Overall, the course is holding up well to the far.... Believe it or not, the humidity that has come with this heat wave, as allowed us to hold off on the majority of irrigation we would normally need with these kinds of temperatures.  Now Monday evening's 1/2 inch rain certainly helped, especially on our bluegrass roughs, but the humidity is certainly the key factor in keeping moisture in the ground.

The greens are absolutely flourishing with this heat.  This is the type of temperatures this cultivar was developed for, and we are dealing with more growth on the greens than we have all season.

Unfortunately last evening we were struck by yet another insect issue.  I'm sure if you look up in our few trees on site, you will some very happy, very stuffed birds after the feast they had last night.  In this my fourth season at Sawmill, I have never seen an invasion as intense with Black Cutworm, as we had last evening.  We had some damage on about 8 greens this morning from the feast the birds had last night in pulling out these worms.  Fortunately, the damage is no worse than your average ball mark (and without sounding like too much of a cynic, Sawmill members should be used to putting in these conditions by now......)  Again, as I had mentioned on Wednesday, with these high heat days, it is simply too dangerous to go out and apply insecticides for fear of causing some burning to healthy turf.  This is one of those situations in which we monitor insect populations, and withhold chemical pesticide applications until we have reached a certain threshold.  Unfortunately, whether it was the high heat yesterday, or whatever it may be, we had a population explosion simply overnight.  With IPM laws in place, these are the types of situations we will run into forever...... Personally, I think these cutworms are the work of the SuperAnt, and has arrived as reinforcements......

Finally today, you will see some rather large holes having been dug from #7, across #4, and even behind #2.  We are tracing the drain line from #7 and have found some sort of blockage behind #2 green, and are in the process of replacing this section.  However, even once we replace this section I am still not certain that this will solve our drainage problem on #7.  We have some more sleuthing work to do, but hopefully we can have this project wrapped up next week.

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Stay cool!


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