Monday, July 4, 2011

Weather Continues to Cooperate

For the second straight blog, I continue to be happy with the weather!  We had a nice timely rain on Saturday, which was sufficient for the plant, and now the sun is shining, and it is going to be a very moderate temperature day.  Life is good!

Although Saturday's rain was welcomed by the turf, we could have done without the lightning and subsequent power issues that ensued,  It appears as though our pumphouse was hit with some sort of surge, which brought us down; but not to fear, Claude already has us back up and going!

I think lush is the proper term to use when it comes to the state of the golf course.  The turf is growing like crazy, and we are constantly having to mow everything.  It can be scary to be this lush at this time of year, as a quick heat wave can turn the course upside down in the matter of a few days.

Our Super Ants continue to hinder us, and we are out there yet again this morning attempting to control them.  Time will tell, but if recent history means anything, I expect to see the ants return to action by the end of the week. 

The Turf crew has been busy over the past week with items such as bunker edging, weed removal in the fescue and bunkers, as well as several other summer projects.  The course certainly is starting to take its mid-season form!

We are still having issues with our satellite control box at the range.  Somewhere in the ground, we are having an issue of a power wire touching a common wire, which is causing chaos to ensue at the most awkward time - usually around the time Mr. David French is perfecting his putting stroke on the practice matter what he says, I believe he enjoyed the shower.......

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Enjoy the sun!


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