Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Welcome to the Sawmill Creek Oven

Like much of the continent at the moment, it is certainly hot.  We are near 31 degrees C this afternoon, with humidex readings putting us well into the 40's.  These are certainly trying days.......

We did receive some precious rains on Monday evening (finally), which dropped about a half of an inch on the property.  It is amazing at how much more effective rain is than irrigation!

When the temperature reaches these heights, it alters the way we operate here in the turf department.  As far as weed control, and pest control (such as the Super Ant)  we basically are forced to wait for cooler days to return.  It can be very dangerous to apply these types of products in this heat, as they can do some serious damage to the turf plant.  As such, as we sit here and watch the clover spread, and the ants continue marching on their merry way, we must wait until cooler days return.  It is simply not worth the risk of burning a healthy turf plant.

If you have braved the heat over the past three days, you will have seen the mini excavator and tractor located around the 7th or 4th hole.  We are currently in the process of trying to rectify the situation causing the soupy and smelly mess which has accumulated on the 7th fairway.  Unfortunately, after two days of investigating,  I wish I had better news for you!  So far we have managed to find several breaks in the drain line, but what still continues to haunt my mind is the fact that all we can find in this rather large area, is a measly 4" drainage tile.  I am very skeptical of this small 4" line's ability to drain both the 7th hole, and the farmer's field to the east.  At the moment, we aer behind the 2nd green trying to resolve another issue which came up during this process, so we can move onto trying to finish the standing water at 7.  Hopefully by the end of the week we have some type of solution to say goodbye to this standing water once and for all.

Finally today, the next time you see your hard-working lady and gentlemen of the turf crew, give them a big pat on the back for continuing to press on through this heat.  These days can be absolute hell on the system, and these fine people have pressed on to make sure the course keeps its pristine reputation.  There is a very good chance you won't see many of them tomorrow, as they will be working under the cover of darkness in the morning, in an attempt to escape the forecast high of 38 degree, but if you see them, thank them nonetheless.

As always if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me

Stay cool!


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