Friday, August 26, 2011

That was a Busy Week

It has been nice to have some very pleasant weather these past two days, and it looks as though the extended forecast should bring us much of the same.  Which is a nice treat after enduring a good week there of un-settled weather.  We have seen some spectacular storms roll through the area, and thankfully we were spared the majority of its wrath here at The Saw.  Let's enjoy this weather while it lasts......

I won't bore you with the details of the amount of work accomplished this week, but I will say it has been a very busy, very productive week for the crew of the Turf Department.  Without a big long explanation, here is a quick run-down of this past week's accomplishments:

  • The Greens were double verti-cut, and topdressed on Monday
  • Several bunkers on the course had drainage issues repaired
  • All of the aprons were triple verti-cut, and heavily topdressed
  • The greens and aprons were fertilized, and treated with a soil surfactant
  • The fairways received a fungicide application to stop the spread of dollar spot (which has been extremely active this past month)
  • All fairways, tees, and rough areas were fertilized
  • And finally all landscape areas, including the Residences of Sawmill Creek were fertilized
Of course, this is all in addition to the regular mowing, and other maintenance practices which occur daily.  With the small crew that we have at the moment, this is certainly an accomplishment, and something I am very grateful for with the staff that I have.  It is tough to come off some long days and weeks, in preparation for events like the Club Championship, and then to add all of these laborious tasks on top was difficult for the staff to handle.  But, they yet again came through this tough week, and have the course absolutely shining right now.  Well done guys!

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Have a great weekend!


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