Friday, September 9, 2011

Changes to #11

Good sunny morning everyone,

After a couple of days of true links type weather, the sun has returned, and is providing us with some fantastic weather heading into the weekend.  Just look how beautiful a day we have today......

As I have mentioned over several previous blogs, there have been a couple of big changes made to the 11th hole as a result of a pending lawsuit.  The first of course was the removal of the bunker on the right hand side of the hole.  Of course this has been a controversial manoeuvre, and one of course which we were not happy to perform; however it was deemed necessary as a part of the process to appease our neighbours to the south.  The second task completed was the addition of 9 trees at the blue and white tee blocks.  This was done to force the player to aim further to the right, and away from the left side to hopefully stop all errant shots from leaving the property.

Here is a shot of the view of the tee before the trees were transplanted:

Now here is a shot of the view from the tee decks as of this morning:

So as you can see, this has clearly forced your tee shot further to the right.  Now let's face it, this will not be the ultimate solution that completely cures this issue.  However, the theory behind this is it will grab any immediately misguided balls, but more importantly force a tee shot further to the right.  The good news out of all of this, is to help open up the right side of the 11th now, we will start the process of removing a lot of the fescue, and allow for a better bail-out area...... and right now I can hear a collective cheer for having made mention of less-fescue!

At the end of the day, the responsibility does lie with our members, and guests of the golf course to help us out of this sticky situation.  Of course none of us are perfect, and trust me, if you've seen some of the scores I have posted on Wednesday nights this year, you'll understand just how erratic I have the ability to be!  However, we are hoping that with the cooperation of our patrons, we can avoid any more issues - issues which may affect this beautiful golf hole.

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