Friday, October 14, 2011

The Middle of October Already

The rains have returned to the Saw, and it feels like a typical wet and cold fall day.  It appears as though the mercury is going to continue to drop over the next week, as we move through the month of October.  It does appear though that we may see a break in the rain for Sunday, and Jamie's revenge should go ahead as planned.  I look forward to torturing you all with the Saw playing nothing quite like what you're used too!

We have now completed a core aeration of the tee decks.  This is something that in reality we should do far more often than we do, as there certainly is an excessive amount of thatch in the tees.  But, at the end of the day, we are restricted in many ways and simply cannot get around to some important cultural practices as often as we'd like too.

I know many ladies have commented to me regarding the state of the red tees over the past year.  Of course, this issue is simply not something that has developed overnight, but something that has been of debate over many years.  Well, if you haven't yet witnessed, we have started the process of enlarging the red tees.  Here is a shot of #2:

Now make no mistake about it, this is not perfect by any means, and we are not done with this process.  However, what we have done on quite a few red tees, is scalped down the Kentucky Bluegrass in the flat areas around the tee deck.  What this will allow us to do is inter seed some bentgrass, and topdress the area to hopefully match the already existing tee deck.  At the end of the day, this will help enlarge the decks and give the red tee user's more area to play from

As Paul has mentioned in his updates, the range will be closed as of this Sunday evening for the remainder of the season.  This will give the tee deck a much needed break, and a chance to regenerate some growth prior to winter. 

If the weather holds out for next week, we will also start the vertical mowing process of the fairways.  Again this is one of those cultural practices that we simply do not perform as often as we like, but it will certainly benefit the health of the turf in the long run. 

And finally today, just a quick reminder that we will begin aerifying the greens on October 24th, weather permitting of course.  At this time of year, the process will take us at least 3 days as we do not have the benefit of long days as we do in June. 

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Stay dry!


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