Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Sun Returns

After a miserable couple of weeks, the sun has returned, and brought with it some summer like temperatures.  We are just over the 21 degree mark as I write this, and the forecast calls for highs to be near the 25 mark for the holiday weekend.  And even better, is the fact that there is nothing but sun forecasted for the next 7 days!

After having multiple days of rain, and even with the last couple of sunny days, the course remains fairly wet.  As I have mentioned previously, as the sun loses intensity in the fall months, we lose the ability to drain as quickly as we do during the summer months.  Hence, a one inch rainfall in October, feels like a 5 inch rainfall in July.  Please be concious of this as you negotiate the course in a power cart.

When the sun came out on Tuesday, so did our magical aerifier!  We have finished aerifying the back 9 tees, and will complete the front 9 tees next week.  Unfortunately, the course was so saturated when we started aerifying, it did take us a little longer to get through the back 9 then we would have liked too, which has forced us to wait until next week to complete the front.

After having been aerified, we were able to seed and heavily topdress the 13th tee complex this morning.  We have posted a sign at the tee, and ask that you please remain off of the bent grass surface for the remainder of the season.  The goal to closing this deck, is to allow the seed to germinate, and return this tee to 100% turf cover, so we can enjoy it for the 2012 season.  We have installed a practice mat, and have placed the tee blocks at the front of the tee.  We ask that you either use the practice mat, or stay on the blue grass.  Your patience at this time of season, will reward you all of next year!

To echo Paul's notice in his weekly update, please remember that the driving range will be closed as of Monday October 17th.  Once the range has been closed, we aerify, topdress and once again overseed this deck for the very same reason as to why we close 13 tee.

Finally today, I'd like to say a big thank you to a couple of staff who will be done as of this weekend.  First, Larry Goodhand has spent the better part of the past three seasons doing pretty much everything one can do in the turf department, and his last day for the 2011 season will be tomorrow.  Like clockwork, Larry is always the first one in the parking lot every single day, and always the first one to get up after his morning coffee, and lead the crew out of the lunch room and onto the course.  I have come to rely on Larry for many things, and will miss him over the winter months.  We look forward to having you back in 2012!

Another "Team Turf" member who we will lose this weekend is Todd Doohan.  Of course, most of you know Todd, as he is one of the longest serving staff members of Sawmill.  Although he is only with us for a couple of days a week, Todd is another person who can be relied on to pretty much do anything.  Although, since I haven't let him change holes this season, complaints of tough pin placements have seemed to decrease..... I guess he figures we can all play as well as he can eh!

And last but not least, Sarah DeGroot will be finished for the season as of Tuesday.  Sarah is the one primarily responsible for keeping the gardens (as many of you have told me) in the best shape you have ever seen them.  Sarah managed to keep the hanging baskets big, vibrant and beautiful, despite some of the windiest conditions around.  Sarah took great pride in the work she did, and has certainly left her mark in at least one spot with the addition of the garden bed outside of the Pro Shop. 

Thank you to all three of you for your hard-work this season, and I look forward to having you all back in 2012!

As always, if you have any questions, please contact me at

Happy Thanksgiving!


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