Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Two Posts in a Month!

Good morning everyone,

I promised you I would make every attempt to keep this site updated, so here we are; a second post in as many weeks....progress!

As with any typical fall, it has been fairly wet over the course of the past few weeks.  Temperatures have been consistently cool, and inevitably the turf has slowed to a crawl.  Our greens checked out for the year a couple of weeks ago, and other areas are slowly following suit.  It is only a matter of time before the white stuff makes an appearance.

If you have been around the club over the past couple of days, you would have noticed the winterization of our irrigation system is complete.

I was quite happy with how the process unfolded this year, as we did not have any of the problems we experienced last season.  We had all satellites operational, thanks to the expertise of Mr. Cormier, and the process was simply smooth.  This was also the first year in which we did not struggle to transport the air compressor out onto the course, thanks to our new four-wheel drive tractor.  Unfortunately there will be a few ruts left behind due to the soggy conditions, but that is an unfortunate by-product of not having an access road to our pumphouse.  I feel very comfortable knowing that the system has been put to bed, and am cautiously optimistic that we will avoid many of the headaches we experienced this past spring.

In saying that it has been wet, we did see a bit of damage from our portable toilet contractor over the weekend.  The company attempted to pickup the units for the season, but unfortunately entered out onto the 12th fairway where it was much to soft.  We will attempt to roll out the damage, but inevitably there will be some repairs needed.

12 Fairway Damage

It looks as though we are in for a great week of weather ahead of us, with some much needed drying.  As we say goodbye to the seasonal staff this week, we are hoping to get some more aerifying of fairways completed, as well as some aerification in the Residences of Sawmill Creek,. 

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