Friday, January 23, 2015

Halfway through winter

Good afternoon everyone!

As we near the end of January, it is safe to say we have been relatively lucky so far this winter in regards to extreme weather and snow events.  In fact, we have really only experienced a few events which required any kind of snow removal at all.  However, in true Sawmill fashion, the winds have been relentless, which generally results in our small snow events turning into this.....

Despite the few snow falls we have had to deal with, preparations for 2015 have been steady.  Of course by now, everyone is aware of the two big championships that we are hosting in August, which has added an element of excitement to the Turf Team.

I would like to firstly, and finally, thank Rodger and Leida Ball for their help back in December.  As I had mentioned in a previous post, we had been completing some brush clearing and tree pruning.  Rodger and Leida were kind enough to offer their help in cleaning up some of the debris, and I thank them for their support.

Dan has kept himself quite busy as well in the confines of the shop.  Not only has he been a big help out on the course (especially when someone gets too brave in a tractor on wet ground...), but he has been steady in completing the massive list of maintenance needed to our fleet of equipment.  Over time, the fleet that we operate with will require significant attention to keep the course pristine, and this year is no different.  As you can see below, Dan is in the process of replacing several reels as many of our units had run out of life....

As we enter the second half of winter, we will carry on with equipment and course material maintenance, as well as deal with Mother Nature and whatever she chooses to provide us with.  The good news is, we are probably only 8 weeks away from opening day; something I know we all look forward to.

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