Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sawmill in the Sun

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The summer rolls on, with more sunshine as has been the case for the past month.  This sight you see above, is a pretty common occurrence; a turf department employee dragging a hose around all day....

The heat continues, as does the wind.  We have been chasing water around for the majority of the day, every day for weeks now.  With that, comes the added maintenance and realization of various irrigation issues.  I have been asked many times recently if we will ever be done digging holes, or fixing irrigation problems.  That answer is easy....NO!  A colleague of mine once said, if you think you've fixed all of your leaks, you simply aren't looking hard enough!

We are currently in a pure defensive mode with our main playing areas.  As a result of the extended period of stress that our turf has been under, we have been doing all that its possible to keep things healthy.  This has resulted in greens being a little bit slower than years past, but they are still hitting double digits on the stimpmeter.  If you recall, the best players in the world played on greens last month at The Open, on greens that rolled 9-9.5 feet.....just some food for thought.

Some fairways are handling the drought better than others, as we have cutback on frequency of water.  We have been active with our fairway slicer, in an attempt to ensure that all water being thrown, actually makes it through the hard pan surface, and to the root of the plant.  We will continue to slice areas that tighten up in an effort to make sure that we are getting our bang for buck on our water use.

Projects are certainly tough to tackle when we are tied up with irrigation repairs, but we are attempting this week to get moving on finishing the bunker at 3, as well as putting some more sod down at the old big bunker at 2/4 green.  I am hoping we can have all of these issues wrapped up by the end of next week.

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