Sunday, October 2, 2016

Speed Bump

Good morning everyone,

After a few days of rain and cooler temperatures, it looks like we have a pleasant week ahead of us for this first full week of October.

We had scheduled our fall greens aeration to commence on the 3rd and 4th, however, there has been a couple of snags in the road, and we have unfortunately had to postpone for the time being.  We still have a great need to tend to this very beneficial practice, but it will now take place later this month.

We are nearing the completion of the rough aeration, and will shortly begin the tees and fairways.  Fairways can be a tedious task, and the weather has to cooperate with us fully to ensure that we get them clean, so the process will be sporadic.

Preparations will continue for the upcoming bunker renovation, as we enter the final few weeks before the arrival of Vergeer Golf.  As such, we are going to focus our labour efforts on preparing drains, as opposed to raking bunkers.  In saying that, for the remainder of the golf season, we will not be grooming bunkers for daily play.  The rakes will remain in the bunkers, with the suggestion that you play rake, clean and place, as our time is more well-spent preparing for the work to ensue.  Thank you for your understanding.

With the wet weather that ended last week, coinciding with a nasty flu bug that ripped through the turf department last week, we have a few areas of long grass out on the course.  We will be directing efforts to these areas early this week, in an effort to get back on top of the thick growth that has occurred in the past week or so.

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