Monday, January 23, 2017

Winter Update

Good afternoon everyone,

After a weekend in which we saw highs just below the teens, I took the opportunity to get out on the course for a walk to check in on how the course is handling this wacky winter weather.

From my journey around the property, I had a couple of main takeaways:

  1. Overall, and although the course is wet, it is in remarkable condition for the end of January
  2. There is next to no fungal activity on areas which were protected and those which were not
  3. We have a far greater population of Poa annua than I care to admit
  4. Rene Muylaert's design intention of draining greens into bunkers becomes very apparent when the bunkers have not been raked in months - there are partial washouts in several bunkers as a result
  5. I need to limit course walkarounds in the winter - it is far too depressing to see some bunkers holding water due to extenuating circumstances caused by winter weather 
All in all, I was quite pleased to see how we were holding up to winter.  Of course February is still to come, and surely some frigid weather awaits, but for the time being, we are on the downside of the winter slope.

Surface water off of a green and into a bunker

Poa - everywhere!

Water stuck in the bunker at 1 from a frozen outlet

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