Friday, May 4, 2018

Spring Update

If you happen to have access to newsletter articles I have written in years’ last, or even care to scroll through the Turf Blog you will see a perpetual pattern of entries made at the beginning of May each season.  They generally say something along the lines of:

·         It’s been a frustrating spring to get turf going
·         Wet weather has hindered progress on project x or y
·         We are looking for extended periods of warm and sunny weather to really get the golf course alive and kicking
·         Our greens are still dormant, and will be for a few more weeks
·         Poa will start to emerge and frustrate us all with its disruptive seedhead production
·         Patience is key, I assure you the greens are not dead despite their white/yellow appearance.

Greens are still trying wake up

And as per the norm, all of the above is true once again in 2018!

I encourage you to continue to provide us with feedback with regards to the changes we have implemented this season.  I have had conversations containing mixed feelings from some of you, but the only way to truly understand how these changes have been received, is to contact me directly.  Feedback can be a gift if given and received in an effective manner and I encourage you to let me know where you stand.

The irrigation system is alive and well, with only one major line break as a result of the winter season.  This of course was right at the first tee but has been buttoned up nicely by the crew.  With the system entering its 25th season of operation, we naturally incur electrical issues usually caused by the many rodents that call Sawmill Creek home.  If you encounter a rogue sprinkler head which mysteriously turns on and off real quick, with no staff in sight, chances are we are having some sort of mouse induced electrical problem.  Please let the pro shop know as soon as you can, and they will contact me to let me know. 
The only freeze damage from winter

Finally I will ask you all again this season for your cooperation in keeping our staff safe.  We have already experienced several near misses this season with respect to golf balls and staff, and I ask that you please ensure that if you are in the vicinity of working members of our team, you please make sure that they are aware of your presence.  A simple wave will suffice and grab the attention of our team members letting them know that you are ready to hit.  Golf balls acting as projectiles have the ability to injure and harm our team members.  Please respect their safety at all times, allowing them to return home in the same condition in which they arrived.  Our families thank you for your respect.

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