Thursday, August 23, 2018

Swampmill Creek

Image result for it only rained twice this summer

A bit of a stretch I know, but it certainly feels as though it has rained all summer!  The dry spring is long but forgotten as we deal with the frequent rains of the past 6 weeks.  

The golf course is incredibly saturated.  I cannot recall in the past 10 years  the course holding water as much as it is at this time of year.  The challenge of course is in the attempts that we must still make to maintain the golf course despite the rain.  Grass certainly does not stop growing, and we have to find ways to get things done - albeit not as cleanly as we would like it to be.

The photo above is of the 8th fairway and the damage being incurred by traffic (both golf carts and grounds machinery).  This is just a glimpse of the many soggy areas found on the golf course.  We have installed some signage in certain areas - such as 10 fairway - in an attempt to minimize damage as we continue to experience wet conditions.  Thank you for your help in adhering to these directional signs.

On a side note, I would like to ask for your cooperation with garbage disposal on the golf course.  It has become common practice for golfers to simply drop their empty cans and garbage at a tee stone, and not in the receptacles.  At the onset of the golf season, we made a switch to using centralized garbage stations as a result of reallocating Turf Team labour.  With that change we no longer specifically spend labour hours on garbage collection daily, and empty the receptacles only a couple of times per week.  This means that the garbage being dropped on the ground, will either blow away in the wind, or sit at these stones for days on end.  This of course is not the look or reputation that you or I are trying to achieve for Sawmill Creek.  Please help us all out by utilizing the garbage stations located on the course, and allow the turf team to utilize their time on productive tasks such as keeping our playing surfaces pristine.  The Turf team thanks you for your cooperation.

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